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Making your patio doors safe

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With most bi-fold conservatory doors being fitted to the rear of a property, they can sometimes present an inviting target for burglars.  So it makes sense to fit as many Patio Doors Prices & Securitysecurity features as possible to prevent your home becoming the target of an opportunist burglar through a set of insecure double glazed doors.

A simple bolt can sometimes be enough to deter an intruder as they rely on speed and low noise to make their entrance – having a dead bolt or two fitted on the inside of the door frame could slow them down enough to make them give up.

More sophisticated all round multi-point locks are not really an ‘aftermarket’ option, but if you are fitting a new patio door then they are a ‘must’ as is having at least a 5 lever mortise main key lock. Choose lock barrels that are bump, snap & drill proof for the best security.

It’s tough to do anything about your existing glazed panels, but if you add filming to the inside – and there are some good tinted low-e options around – it can help, especially if you have glass that is not tempered or toughened because it will keep the glass in the frame even if the glass is shattered.

Anti-lift tracks should be fitted to all new doors, but if you have older ones without this type of track, fit a dead bolt low down on the side of frame so that when you shoot the bolt it stops the door being levered up.

‘Secured by design’ doors have a good reputation, as these are approved by the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO).  find out more at