Figuring Out What Double Glazing Costs

Buyers guide for double glazed windows prices

It could be that you have seen an online guide at, advertisement, either in your local press or on the internet about special offers or discounts on double glazing cost, but what are the chances of you actually getting the same prices when it comes to buying them?

Figuring Out What Double Glazing CostsTake a closer look at the advertised price as it may not include some of the features that you want on your replacement windows, these are some of the many costs that can be added to the basic price of upvc windows for example;

  • more than 1 window panel that opens
  • A+ energy ratings
  • coloured frames
  • low-e glass & gas filled sealed units
  • wood-grain finishes
  • handle & locks in brass, chrome or other finishes
  • maybe VAT is not included
  • maybe the price is for supply only

All in all, it’s a good idea to find as low priced windows as you can, but you should really get written quotes based on the company actually measuring your windows and inspecting the property.

You can get free written quotes from trusted companies here: