Using Accredited Conservatory Installers

Using Accredited Conservatory Installers

Choosing the most suitable Conservatory Company

Using Accredited Conservatory InstallersWith hundreds of companies across the UK offering new orangeries & conservatories, maybe you should create yourself a list or work off a buyers guide.

Buying a conservatory can be quite a costly experience, not only for the initial cost, but also for putting things right if you have a bad job done. There are horror stories about, but if you do your homework first, you can avoid the pitfalls.

Quick Buyers Guide

make sure your installer is a member of a trade body such as, or similar to:

  • GGF
  1. Get lots of quotes – compare prices from at least 4 different companies
  2. Get references from previous customers
  3. Get it in writing – everything you can
  4. look for insurance backed deposit guarantees
  5. look for workmanship warranties
  6. Check their customer service record
  7. Don’t buy “on the night” take a few days at least to consider your decision
  8. check for planning permission & building regulations
  9. Tell your neighbors before you start work – (that there may be some disturbance)

Always take your time, don’t rush any decision – remember, decide in haste, repent at leisure.